In the light of the forthcoming elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Council on Social Responsibility of the Methodist Church in Ireland urges all candidates to conduct themselves with civility and decorum so that none of the fears or promises of something more brutal will materialise.
The President of the Methodist Church, the Rev. Bill Mullally and the Church's Council on Social Responsibility, have issued the following Statement, marking the retirement of Martin McGuinness:
The President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Rev. Bill Mullally joins with all people in condemning the cowardly shooting of a member of the PSNI in North Belfast tonight.
The Methodist Church in Ireland, through its President, the Rev. Bill Mullally has issued the following in the light of today's announcement from the Secretary of State Mr. James Brokenshire MP, declaring the date for an Assembly Election.

The General Director will head up the Scripture Union Movement in Northern Ireland. We are looking for a leader with wisdom, vision and a passion for Biblical Engagement with children and young people.

Are you someone who could:

"Today we say farewell and thank you to Laura Kerr who has been our Website Manager for the past seven months. Laura undertook this temporary post with enthusiasm and commitment and everyone has appreciated her courtesy and efficiency. We offer our best wishes to Laura as she moves on to other things.
The whole area of Connexional Communications is under review and Michael Sloan will be playing a key role in this as well as maintaining the website over the next few months.
From 29th-30th November 2016, Dr. Fergus O'Ferrall , Lay Leader of the Methodist Church in Ireland will be in Brussels at the invitation of the European Commission to participate in  Forum considering the important topic of "Children and Migration. The urgency generated by this topic has come centre stage with the demolition of "The Jungle" camp at Calais.
'A great moral stain is masking the European Union  and has begun to colour Ireland as a result of the failure to care for unaccompanied children amongst the refugees of Calais."

This was stated by President and Lay  Leader of The Methodist Church in Ireland. 

President MCI Rev. Bill Mullally recently attended the launch of the Open Doors Campaign at Stormont. 

Christians in Syria and Iraq do not want to be seen as victims – Open Doors campaigns for a better future for this ANCIENT COMMUNITY

The First Minister the Rt. Hon Arlene Foster has paid tribute to the plight of Christians throughout the Middle East who have chosen to stay in areas of conflict to play their part in building peace, stability and harmony.