As you may have noticed on social media, the Office 365 Team are delivering a further training session at Edgehill House in Belfast on Thursday 23rd January from 10.30am to 12.30pm.


We will be providing step-by-step guidance to help you access and use your Church email account (Outlook) and cloud storage (OneDrive for Business).


The members of the Church Leaders Group have issued the following New Year’s Message:


‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ says one of the most popular Christmas songs ever written, but what do you say? What word would you insert in place of ‘Wonderful’? Might any of these come to mind: expensive - demanding - depressing - annoying - stressful? Scientifically speaking there are proven causes of stress at Christmas time:

#MeToo | Creative Bible Studies


The Methodist President, the Rev. Sam McGuffin, encourages all Methodist people on the electoral register to carefully and prayerfully cast their vote in Thursday’s momentous election. These are unprecedented times and this is after all a right which was hard fought for and should not be squandered.

The Church Leaders, at their meeting in Armagh on Friday 6th December met with representatives of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, including its Chief Constable Simon Byrne. The Church Leaders expressed support for the work of the PSNI, particularly in the area of community policing.

The President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, Rev Sam McGuffin visited Newport, the Headquarters, Residential and Conference Centre of The Boys' Brigade Northern Ireland District on Monday 25th November 2019. Rev McGuffin and his wife Linda  were  accompanied by former Boys’ Brigade District Chaplain Rev Roy Cooper and his wife Joy.  Boys’ Brigade Director for NI,  Jon

The Council on Social Responsibility of the Methodist Church in Ireland is deeply saddened by the ongoing failure of the European Union in regard to those desperately in need of rescue in the Mediterranean Sea. This failure was exemplified last week by the European Parliament being unable to process a resolution, with all the appropriate safeguards, that would support the non-criminalisation of those involved in search and rescue operations.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is asking members of the public to be wary following the reports of two scams in recent weeks in Counties Antrim and Armagh.

A County Antrim man, aged in his fifties, has been a victim of fraud totalling some £60,000.  The telephone scam, which took place on Wednesday 23rd October, involved a number of calls to the victim’s landline and the combined, unscrupulous efforts of three males.