MCI President Back's Dr Good's Stance on the Absence of Assembly

The Rev. Billy Davison, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland has issued the following in response to the Open Letter issued by the Rev. Dr. Harold Good:

"The Rev. Dr. Harold Good has expressed the hopes and aspirations of all the citizens of Northern Ireland whose lives have been blighted not only by the events such as the Omagh Bomb, but also by the absence of our Assembly at Stormont.This continues to affect many of our public services such as Health and Education. 

While it is laudable for our politicians to have principles these should not be insisted on to the detriment of those who are suffering as a result.

With Dr. Good, I too would call on our political leaders and their Assembly members to return to our Assembly and legislate for those whose votes placed them there"

(Pictured above: Rev Billy Davison, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland)