Present Political Crisis in Northern Ireland

The President and General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Ireland have issued the following Statement:

We are facing a time of crisis in Northern Ireland. The possibility of violence spiraling out of control is a reality that causes us great concern. Whatever explanations are given for the present tensions and unrest, there are no excuses for violent attacks on the PSNI, and the self-destructive damage being done across communities.

All of us who want to live in a civilized, peaceful and stable society are dependent on the police service. We all have a responsibility to support and encourage the PSNI in their difficult work – even on occasions when we might disagree with a particular tactic. 

We call on politicians to choose their language carefully and even when being critical of others to be alert to the danger of inflaming passions that might lead some to engage in violence. 

We call on everyone in our society, parents, teachers, youth and community workers, and all who have any influence with children and young people, to use that influence to steer them away from rioting and attacks on the police. We condemn without reserve any sinister forces that are initiating and manipulating these young people involved in the rioting. 

Finally, we call on all Methodist people, and all people of faith, to stand against violence, to commit themselves to working for peace and the common good and to pray earnestly for those in the PSNI who face the difficult and at times very dangerous task of keeping all safe and secure. 

8th April 2021



  • Rev. Dr. Thomas McKnight, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland
  • Rev. Dr. Heather Morris, General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Ireland.
  • Contact: Rev. Roy Cooper (07710945104) Press Officer of the Methodist Church in Ireland