CSR Call For All Parties to Intensify Efforts for A Restored Government

The Methodist Church in Ireland through its Council on Social Responsibility has called on all parties to the talks seeking to restore devolution at Stormont to intensify their efforts.  The holiday / marching season should not be used for taking a break of any more than a few days. 

We note the intention to bring to Westminster next week, legislation enabling the Secretary of State to postpone elections for a set time.  We agree with the NIO that this is a "sensible contingency plan".   The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland want the political parties to agree a way of restoring devolution before we have another election. 

When this business comes to Parliament we urge Members not to try to add amendments related to the important issues of abortion and same sex marriage, which are and should remain devolved matters.  That kind of opportunism is contrary to the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement and will only distract from the most pressing concern – to have a functioning Executive at Stormont. 



Contact: Rev. Dr. David Clements (07720286955)
Convenor Northern Executive Council of Social Responsibility

Issued by: Rev. Roy Cooper (07710945104)
Press Officer, Methodist Church in Ireland.