CSR Letter to RTÉ Relating to Satirical Sketch

The account of the angel's announcement in regard to the conception of Mary in the Gospel of Luke and the place of Mary as the mother of Jesus are held very preciously within all the main churches, including the Methodist Church. 
There are two bases for our dislike of this 'comedy' sketch. We object to a misrepresentation of God in this, particularly as the Gospel of Luke unfolds a powerful revelation of God in the coming of Christ and the transformation Jesus brought about. Secondly, Mary's position as a young Middle Eastern girl highlights the inclusivity of God. She is the first of dozens of people in Luke's gospel who were otherwise considered outcast by society. 
Since the Methodist Church in Ireland is committed to social justice, we identify strongly with the God of compassion coming alongside the sidelined, the opposite of what was depicted here. 
We do recognise the place of satire. Indeed satire can be useful to help church institutions remain faithful to Jesus Christ rather than a hierarchical structure. 
We look forward to a commitment to a higher standard of comedy and satire.