CSR Statement on Elections

The Council on Social Responsibility of the Methodist Church in Ireland always encourages engagement within our democratic institutions.

In May of this year, voters will be given the opportunity to engage in elections in both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland, and we urge all with that privilege to use it. 

The last two years have witnessed an undermining of confidence in our democratic processes, particularly at Stormont and Westminster. Many politicans have acted with a greater level of interest in their own political ambition or for their party than of commitment to the greater good of society. However, we urge our members not to casually or hopelessly withdraw from the privilege that most of us have. 

On Thursday 2nd May, voters in Northern Ireland will have opportunity to participate in the local Council Elections. And on Friday 24th May voters in the Republic will be able to vote in the local authority elections as well as elections to the European parliament. 

Of course, not all Methodists will be eligible to vote (the young and those without citizenship). However, we encourage all who can vote to do so and to make sure that they are registered to vote by the closing dates. (NI 10th April. ROI 28th April)