Brexit Statement 31st January 2020

On this day as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union we recognise that some rejoice and that others grieve.

We remain concerned about the future of relationships in and beyond Ireland and we pray for the upholding of the peace process and for good relationships between the two jurisdictions on this island.

In Northern Ireland we welcome the joint work done by MLAs and business interests at Stormont to address the issues from a Northern Ireland perspective and pray it will be listened to further afield.

We pray for families and friendships in the border areas and that there will be minimum disruption to their lives and livelihoods.

We pray in relation to the deeper issues of identity, that the dedication of politicians who strive for the common good of all on the island will have a patient hearing and an honesty of approach that will benefit  all. 

We continue to pray for all those in positions of political influence from all quarters in the ongoing business of Brexit as we enter into this crucial trade negotiations phase.

As we have said before, as citizens of the Kingdom of God, we are committed to revealing the nature of Christ to all. As an outworking of our faith, we pray for and engage with those in political office for the good of all. As an expression of our hope at this critical crossroads, we pray for better days ahead, politically, economically, socially and spiritually, for all. And as an expression of our love, we accept what is happening and seek to encourage all to do likewise.