MCI Congratulates Newly Formed Government Coalition ROI

The Rev. Dr.Thomas R McKnight, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland has issued the following Statement

The Methodist Church in Ireland sends its congratulations to the newly formed Government Coalition.

A long time has passed and so much has changed since the last General Election. The emergency caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has naturally taken priority
and we are deeply thankful for the commitment of the outgoing Government during this crisis.  However, the country now needs a stable government that will deal with the pressing issues ahead.

As the Methodist Church had stated at the start of the talks to form a new Government, "we are particularly concerned for the rights of the poor and the marginalised and that economic convenience would not be a default in public policy." This will remain our concern for the term of this Government,  not forgetting Ireland's climate commitments.

The Methodist Church in Ireland remain committed to engaging well with the new Government and supporting it where possible. Most of all, we are seeking to be active in our responsibility of pursuing social justice - for the most part at a local level but nationally as well. 


Issued by: Rev. Roy Cooper, Press Officer, Methodist Church in Ireland | Tel: 07710945104

Contact: Rev. Steven Foster, Chair, Council on Social Responsibility, Methodist Church in Ireland | Tel: (0505 21670 or 0871631208)