Thinking Aloud: Basic Income

Belfast South Methodist Church

ZOOM Seminar on Basic Income – Moving Into A New Future
June 24, 2020 @ 7:30pm                                                             
With Johnston McMaster and Tony Weekes

Belfast South's public seminars -Thinking Aloud - goes ZOOM on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 @ 7::30pm.

The topic: BASIC INCOME, an idea smoldering for some years, gathering flame as we rethink the society we want in the years ahead. 
Post WW2 we reinvented ourselves: health care, social benefits, a capitalism that served society's productive well-being, not inequality and wealth for elites. 
Now we have the chance to reinvent ourselves again. We will explore a remarkable idea: provide an income floor across society, unrestricted and universal. It is possible, remarkably so - if we understand how money and national economies work. And have the will! We get a hint of it with our Chancellor's 'pandemic economy'; we can go for the real thing when it's over. 

Basic Income is a moral-economic issue.Tony Weekes, economist and Quaker of conscience will introduce the idea of Basic Income, which he defines as "an income, paid by the state to all its citizens. . . It is an idea with a long history. The pandemic has created public and political interest." Then Johnston McMaster, theologian, public intellectual, government advisor, will moderate with Tony an open discussion on the benefits of Basic Income as well as its feasibility and objections to it. 

We will web-post information on attending by Zoom ahead of time. Send us ( your email address and we will get the information to you personally as well. And a précis of Tony's intro. 
An evening when we engage with the future!