A Christmas Message from Rev. Sam McGuffin

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ says one of the most popular Christmas songs ever written, but what do you say? What word would you insert in place of ‘Wonderful’? Might any of these come to mind: expensive - demanding - depressing - annoying - stressful? Scientifically speaking there are proven causes of stress at Christmas time:

The absence of a beloved person; Family misunderstandings; Economic difficulties; Physical tiredness; Loneliness; Seasonal Emotional Disturbance. Added to which is a stressful year, with our failure to get Brexit ‘done’ and, inthe absence of the Stormont Executive, our mounting political, social, civil and economic problems.


I’m a big fan of Christmas. Not the commercialised Christmas we’ve sold our souls to, but the original and classic Christmas of the Bible. And because Christian faith drives my celebration of Christmas itreally is the most wonderful time of the year for me.


My theme in this presidential year is ‘God is our Adventure’. I’ve tweaked it for Christmas so it is currently ‘God’s Great Adventure’. Creating the world was a great adventure for God: as was coming into the world: as was commissioning the Church to spread the gospel. I believe if we were to view Christmas as God’s Greatest Adventure then we’d begin to get some real spiritual sparkle back into Christmas and have a less stressful celebration of this wonderful season.


I pray for you, and for us all, the most wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year.