President Methodist Church in Ireland condemns Manchester attack

In the light of the horrendous carnage as a result of the Manchester Bomb, the Rev. Bill Mullally, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland has issued the following:

I am appalled by this attack carried out on the people at this concert in the Manchester Arena. An attack on our young people is an attack on us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families and friends who have had loved ones killed and injured, and with those who are still awaiting news of loved ones unaccounted for.

We pray for all those who have been injured and traumatised. We pay tribute to the emergency services and all in Manchester who offered safe haven in this crisis. 
In this time of distress may we continue to seek peace and unity among all peoples

Contact: Rev. Bill Mullally, President (00353877730)

Issued by: Rev. Roy Cooper (0771090451040)