The Methodist Church in Ireland has issued the following Statement through its President and Lay Leader:

"Diversity is a gift to modern society and in a civilised society Churches and graveyards should remain sacrosanct. Sadly this has not been the case in respect of those graves belonging to Jewish families. We utterly condemn the vandalising of these graves at Belfast's City Cemetery and offer our sympathy
to all those families affected.

Church Leaders Group (Ireland)

Church Leaders call for unified political response to address violence and community tensions

Following recent disturbances in Northern Ireland, the Church Leaders Group (Ireland) has written an open letter to political leaders in Northern Ireland, the Governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the European Union.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas McKnight, the President of the Methodist in Ireland and Mrs. Hazel Loney, the Lay Leader of Conference have, on behalf of the Methodist Church in Ireland have issued the following Statement on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh:

The members of the Methodist Church in Ireland join with millions of others around the world in offering our sympathy

The President and General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Ireland have issued the following Statement:

One of the oldest hymns in the hymnbook that we use in the Methodist Church is an Easter hymn that begins:

The day of resurrection, earth, tell it out abroad!
The passover of gladness, the passover of God!

The Methodist Church in Ireland, through our Council on Social Responsibility, welcomes the end of the Direct Provision system.

The Council on Social Responsibility of the Methodist Church in Ireland is gravely concerned at the proposal to empower the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to give directions to the Department of Heath on abortion services, usurping the role of the Northern Ireland Executive.   

Church Leaders’ St Patrick’s Day Message

‘In Christ We Journey Together’

The Church Leaders, meeting today in Armagh (12 March) note the announcement regarding a Church service being planned for later this year to mark the Centenary of the partition of the island of Ireland and the formation of Northern Ireland.

Following on from the Northern Ireland Executive’s decision to extend the current Covid restrictions to Thursday 1st April 2021, the Secretary of Conference and other senior Church leaders from other churches met again on, Monday 22nd February, with Ministers from the Executive Office, Minister of Health and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO).