You Can Do Something

Irish Methodist World Development & Relief Department 

invite you to join them in the Belfast Marathon this coming May! 

Women and children in Africa, on average, walk 4 miles to fetch water. This is hard work. In some parts of Africa, women expend 85% of their energy in this task. Possible related health problems include chronic fatigue, spinal and pelvic deformities and spontaneous abortions. Children, particularly girls, miss out on their schooling and the walk can be dangerous, females falling prey to men along the route. It is doubly frustrating that the water might not even be clean, carrying a variety of diseases.

May we never lose that sense of anger about situations that are hard, demoralising or unjust.

The focus of WDR’s Belfast Marathon effort is Dabane Water Workshops (Zimbabwe). Dabane has an integrated approach to water problems, considering, not just access to clean drinking water but also sanitation, hygiene and its use by livestock and in crop cultivation. Dabane identifies solutions alongside local people and trains them to manage and maintain water schemes themselves.

Mr Mpofu is a member of his local water committee in Maninji. He says "We all know our roles and responsibilities. We spearhead repairs, fundraising to buy spares and cleaning around the water points to maintain hygiene." The people now have a shared vision; to "provide clean water and improved sanitation and hygiene for Maninji Primary Health Centre and the primary and secondary schools". Women are encouraged to participate. Indeed, 75% of the leadership roles are held by women. So, not only are water issues being addressed but gender inequality as well.

If you want to do something by taking part in the Belfast City marathon, contact the office at +44 (28) 90452572 or

There’s an event for everyone.

Tim Dunwoody
World Development & Relief