Dying With Dignity Bill

Methodist Church in Ireland Express Dissapointment with Dail Vote on 'Dying with Dignity' Bill

The Methodist Church is disappointed with the result of the vote on the "Dying with Dignity Bill”. As a Church we acknowledge the sacredness of human life. Life is God’s gift and as the Methodist Council on Social Responsibility said in their Document “Physician Assisted Suicide” -

“Being created in the image of God brings with it a number of very important implications. We may share many biochemical processes with the rest of creation but we are made in the image of God.
God’s image implies the dignity of each human life. God’s image implies the equality of human beings. As we recognise the image of God in everyone around us, it will surely cause us to think deeply about how we treat others, especially when the other is sick and most vulnerable. As an All Ireland Church, Methodism, will follow the passage of this Bill and looks forward, through its Council on Social Responsibility to engage with and contribute to the national debate."


Rev Dr. Thomas R.McKnight. President of the Methodist Church in Ireland
Issued by. Rev. Roy Cooper. (077109451040
Press Officer, Methodist Church in Ireland