Methodist Reps To Attend Plenary Meeting, Dublin Castle

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Methodist Representatives To Attend Plenary Meeting in Dublin Castle

On July 4th in Dublin Castle, the Taoiseach, Leo Veradkar, has invited representatives from  a wide range of Churches, Faith Communities and Non Confessional Organisations to join in a Plenary Meeting which he will chair.

This Meeting will serve as a platform to discuss a wide range of important issues, which are fundamental to achieving diversity and effective integration.

This structured dialogue process arose from the Government's commitment to seek wide-ranging consultation on public policy and from the provision in Article of the Lisbon Treaty for State dialogue with churches, faith communities and other non-confessional bodies"  This Article would appear to imply a permanent sustained on-going structured dialogue with the Churches and the bodies mentioned.

When Pope Francis was in Ireland, the Taoiseach spoke of A New Covenant between Church and State - this
proposed dialogue represents a platform to consider how this might evolve.

Each of the participants were asked to submit up to three questions to be considered for the dialogue.
The 3 questions chosen for discussion were:
         (a) Effective Structured Dialogue
         (b) Inclusive and Diverse Communities
         (c) Education.

The Methodist Church in Ireland will be represented by Dr, Fergus O'Ferrall, a former Lay Leader of the Methodist Conference and Ms. Liz Parkin, Lay Secretary of the Council on Social Responsibilty (Southern Executive)


Issued by Rev. Roy Cooper (07710945104) Press Officer, Methodist Church in Ireland.