MWI President's Chosen Charity

Elizabeth has chosen to support the MWI 2018/19/20 Myanmar Projects 

2018/2019 Micro Finance Project for Pig and Cattle Breeding

Location: Nant Tha Myaing ( Leoprosy Village ) which is 30 miles outside Mandalay.

The villagers make their living by cutting wood on the hills and making charcoal and a lot of the older people in the village are still infected with leoprosy. Most of the women and children will stay there all their life with no future and depend on their husbands small income. The children who study hard at school and get further education will move to the city and not come back. In the Mandalay District, the Methodist Church has supported St. Lukes Church and the Ulcer Clinic, they've given donations to the sick, for tuition fees and stationary for school children within the village, however there is still need for the poor especially young mothers with no income. This project is to help women who have a low living standard and have to spend their life living in the village. The women will receive a small loan to buy a pig or a cow for breeding. This will help improve their families lifestyle with the additional income. 

Total cost of project: £3,400

2018/2019 Women’s Small Business Project

Location: Upper Myanmar 8 Districts

This project is to help women start up a small business to help them support their children by educating them. They will receive a small loan to start up their business from their home which may be selling vegetables, making detergent soap, having a vendor ( shop ) or making crafts. This project will generate a small steady income for their family. 

Total cost of project: £3,500

2019/2020  Cana Paddy Field to help support people with Disabilites

Location: Letpanchaung

This project is to buy a Paddy Field, the profits from this will be used to help support people in the community with disabilities by education, developing their living standards and improving their well being. It's important to note that the government unfortunately do not give assistance to disabled people in rural areas. This project will also provide employment and will be sustainable long term. The Methodist Church in Letpanchaung observes “International Day of Persons with Disabilites” and they give a small gift, they would like to also be able to provide shelter, food, clean water, medical aids, education, wheelchairs, hearing aids and spectacles etc. .

Total cost of project: £10,694