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Elizabeth's thoughts for March 2018 (For Lent)

The Great Omission – Journeying with Jesus.

During this period of Lent let us look at the three things God requires of us: 
1. To love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.                                                        
2. To love our neighbour as ourselves.                                                                                                          
3. To make disciples of Jesus – to be witnesses to bring others into a relationship with Him. 

We can love the Lord and our neighbour; most Christians do not have much difficulty with the first two commands. The third can pose more of a problem.  The last command Jesus gave to His people was the Great Commission, the call for Christians to “make disciples of all nations.” The Church’s Great Omission has been to make “Christians” not “disciples.” Bob Gotti describes a disciple of Christ in the last verse of his poem, 

“The way, the truth and life is but one, Jesus Christ, God’s only son.                               
The truth my friend is Jesus Christ, truth which leads to eternal life.
That is why only Christ can say; He is the truth, the light the way. 
Today embrace the word of God; truth will guide the path you trod, 
Make His word a part of your life, and you will be a disciple of Christ.”

The sort of person we see in the early church is a special type of person. The strength of the early church was rooted in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit. Where have we gone wrong? Why can we not be like the early church?   A.W.Tozer, the American pastor and author, is of the opinion that, “If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the Church today, 95% of what we do would go on, and no one would know the difference. If the Holy Spirit had been withdrawn from the New Testament Church, 95% of what they did would have stopped, and everybody would know the difference.” We must be willing to get back to basics and share our witness, what we believe and practice.  People today are searching for what they will not find in the world. However they may respond to real people who have a love and passion for God and fellowmen. The church needs to be something different, not like the rest of the world. The gospel doesn’t need to be diluted, dressed-up or given a makeover, it has stood the test of time, and still very relevant today.  A Moravian preacher tells the story of a bakery he knew in a poor area of town. It was small and rundown, yet at 5am every morning the aroma of baking bread emanated from the bakery. Customers queued up around the block to buy their bread. This is a parable for the church today. If we simply offered the bread of life with passion to people who are spiritually hungry they will come to taste.

Can we be Christians without being disciples, and can we call ourselves Christians without applying this grasp of life in the Kingdom of God to every part of our life on earth? 

The New Testament is written by disciples for disciples. Jesus’ final words in Matthew did not tell His disciples to find a church they could be comfortable in, do some good occasionally, enjoy tea and fellowship together. He did say. “Go and make disciples.” This was not just a suggestion, it was a command. Unfortunately for many of us it has become the “Great Omission.”  
Deep down we know there are people around us who need love, forgiveness, strength and the comfort of God. Can you give a good reason for not sharing it?   Why not attend the ‘All In’ Equipping Methodists in Mission – Keynote speaker Pete Greig (24/7 prayer) on Saturday 28th April 10.30-5.30 in Canal Court Hotel, Newry? You might learn something which would help you as a disciple.  As you Journey with Jesus, ask God to give you eyes to see those who need your love, hearts to be sensitive to those who need your love, and courage to obey the Great Commission to make disciples.

March Dates:
2nd March – Women’s World Day of Prayer – Hillsborough District 8pm.
4th                  Kilwarlin 11am
8th                  Finaghy MWI 8pm
11th                MWI Service – Hamilton Road, Bangor 11am
17-25th          Prayer Week – Knockbreda
25th                MWI Service – Carnalea 11am

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