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Go Back to Your Family.

One of the aims of the MWI is to relate the teachings of Jesus Christ to life in the home, the Church, the community and the world. Jesus tells the man who had been demon possessed not to go with Him, but told him to, “Go back to your family and tell them what a wonderful thing God has done for you.”(Luke 9:39). He tells us to do likewise. So let us take Him seriously. I know how difficult it is to talk to family and friends about your faith. It is so much easier to talk to strangers. Why?

(1) Your family know you best and you may fear the repercussions, unlike strangers who you may only encounter once in a lifetime.

(2) If the conversation doesn’t go well the tension could be uncomfortable.

(3) You are afraid of being asked awkward questions.

Many who believe in “friendship evangelism” care more about relationships than their loved one’s souls. People will not care about what you have to say until they know you care. Friendship does not give you the right to preach to anyone or as Edgar Guest poetically says, “I would rather see a sermon than hear one any day.” Whatever you say to strangers should be said in a loving way to your family. Be honest and straightforward with what you say; your family will know if you are waffling.

In Luke 14:25-26, Jesus is looking for those who are willing to live devotedly and passionately for Him. If we care passionately for Christ would we not want to share Him with our nearest and dearest, our family and friends?

It is through nature, prayer and His word that God reveals Himself to us so we can share with others. He wants to be known and have a relationship with all.

Count your blessings and it will amaze you what God has done. Take time to sit, and write down how you have been blessed and share it with your family. Maybe as a church family we should be asked during a service or prayer meeting to share what God has done for us in the previous few days. Remember to thank God for all His blessings to us. Only one leper returned to thank God – let us be like him. Did the other nine rush home to tell their family what God had done? I am sure the one who returned to thank God certainly did.

As you journey with Jesus make His name known to family and friends, as well as the stranger you meet.

Blessings Elizabeth

June Engagements to date:

3rd Kilwarlin Church.

5th-7th World Federation – “Weaving Together Programme.”

7th – 11th World Federation European Area Seminar, Belfast.

13th- 17th Methodist Conference, Londonderry.

23rd MWI Southern District, Dublin.

28th – 2nd July Moravian Women’s Association European Women’s Conference, Zeist, The Netherlands.


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