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Linda McGuffin, President of the Methodist Women in IrelandThe President of the Methodist Women in Ireland for the year 2015-17 is Mrs Linda McGuffin. Linda is married to Rev Sam McGuffin for 36 years. They began life together in Dungannon and have made their home in eight houses to date, six of them manses. They have three grown up children:  Mark (33), who works in London, Richard (31), who is married to Rebecca and who works in Londonderry, and Jenni (24), who is going into her final year at Sheffield University. Linda's theme for her term of office is "God is Able"

MWI President's Chosen Charity

Linda's chosen Charity is a World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women project called Wings of Hope. This is a three stage project helping women in Sri Lanka in a practical way. Stage 1 was installing two water tanks and toilets to ten needy homes.  Stage 2 is an education programme for single mums and their children. And stage 3 is a Mother and Baby Programme. All this will make a real difference to women and children and help them experience the God who is Able.

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Elizabeth's thoughts for July/August 2017

Journeying with Jesus

I recently came across this quote by Maria Robinson, a nursing expert, “No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

As I step with joy and anticipation to this new role, I know it will have unknown challenges, but with God’s guidance and your prayers all will be well.  I reflect back on my first encounter with WD (as it was then), from the comfort of my pram, and in the care of my grandmother, I believe that God sowed the seed then for my MWI work. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. We left Dublin and settled in Knockbreda Methodist Church where I still worship today. My working life was spent as an academic bookseller serving as President of the N.I.Association on a number of occasions and on the board of the Booksellers Association of Great Britain and Ireland, and also Book Tokens board. As much as I enjoyed my career I felt the Lord calling me to take early retirement and devote more time to my mission work in Sri Lanka and obtaining a BA Hons in Theology.

My theme for the next two years is “Journeying with Jesus.” Those of you who know me will be aware of my interest in travel which is usually to places none of my friends are interested in. So it is usually my Heavenly Father and I. We have been to every continent except Antarctica and the reason is simply that the boat I had booked on sank after my booking was confirmed. Elisabeth Elliott, the most influential Christian woman of our time quoted, “It is God to whom and with whom we travel and while He is at the end of our journey He is also at every stopping point.”   I will not have a personal project, but will be supporting the Joint European Area Assembly for World Federation with fund raising to sponsor ladies from Eastern Europe to attend the Assembly in Belfast next year.

Each day is a new beginning in which surprising things can happen. Sometimes they may seem insignificant to us, but can make a great difference to others. Christ sent His disciples out together, similarly Jesus calls us to share our journeying, our ministry, with others and “To Make His Name Known.”  Let us start journeying together to make a new ending.

Yours in Christ

Elizabeth McWatters


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