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Elizabeth's thoughts for October 2017

Journeying with Jesus – Harvest

As we approach harvest time let us look at what God told Moses in Exodus 23:14-16. He said that as they had sowed seeds, they were to gather together the first fruits of their labour and bring them to God. If they had sown nothing, they would reap nothing. God promised all who had faithfully sown that they would reap the rewards of their faithfulness. This reminds us that our lives are filled with seeds. Seeds of love, kindness, talents and resources. Some do not use God’s resources thus limiting His blessings. The faithful can expect a good harvest.  I love the harvest colours and think of how vibrant God’s creation is, and wonder how beautiful and vibrant we are.  Are we always shining for Him, or do we hide our light under a bushel?  I am in awe of how wonderful God is, and how perfect each of His creatures are.

Trees are less green in autumn. It reminds me that when we journey along without any problems we stay in comfortable green pastures, but if it were not for the less sunlight, and a few bumps on the journey, and a few days of heartaches that we would not appreciate the quiet times. When we feel we cannot cope with burdens. He guides us to a place of peace and strengthens us.

The red leaves make me think of passion. Wherever we are on our Christian journey we could all do with a bit more passion for Christ and reflect His brilliance.

  The orange leaves portray warmth and symbolise thoughtfulness and sincerity which we as Christians portray. We should be warm inviting people who care about others.

The yellow is a happy colour conjuring up joy and cheerfulness. We need to be joyful and cheerful so that others will want what we have.

Brown is not a bright colour, but if we did not have the brown leaves among the bright ones they would not be so vibrant. The brown anchors all the bright colours and gives stability.  In Christ we have stability which others can see as we live for Christ and depend on Him.  As we make Christ known on our journey our behaviour is very important and our colours do matter.  I pray we all grow to have a beautiful, warm, happy, thoughtful and inviting life in Christ.

Are you sowing seeds with your time and talents? If you have been faithful God will reward you and you will receive a harvest for your faithfulness and obedience. Trust Him today and rejoice. It’s harvest time!

What are your colours portraying?  

“Plant the good seed of righteousness and you will harvest a crop of love. Plough up the hard ground of your heart for now is the time to seek the Lord that He may come and shower righteousness upon you.” Hosea 10:12 (NLT)

Yours in Christ,



Engagements for the Month

4th     General Committee

12th   Belfast District Autumn Service – Finaghy Methodist Church

14th   MWI Forum & Executive – Thomas Street Methodist Church

24th   Down District Meeting – Ballynahinch Methodist Church


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