MWI Prayer Points for January 2016

At the MWI General Executive in October 2015, it was decided that we would hold January 2016 as a time of prayer for Methodist Women in Ireland and World Federation of Methodist & Uniting Church Women.

Please take time during January to pray either at home, in your Prayer meeting, House Group, MWI meeting , whilst driving, with prayer partners or friends and anywhere you feel you need to talk to God.

The following are prayer points for inclusion:

  • Our President Linda - pray God will protect her as she travels throughout the connexion and that she will  know His guidance, enabling presence and strength for all the tasks she is called to undertake.
  • The dedication and enthusiasm of all Officers at Branch, District, Connexional and World level. As those in post continue to serve and lead, pray others would be led and encouraged to become more involved in the leadership and development of our organisation. Pray that we will have understanding of the changing needs of our society and a clear vision of how our organisation might contribute to meet those needs.
  • Give thanks for the service given over the last 5 years by Rachel Fallows, our Helen Kim Memorial Scholar. Pray that Rachel will continue to share the knowledge and skills she has gained over the years and that God will richly bless her ministry.
  • World Federation- Ask God to bless the World Officers and their preparations for the 13th World Assembly in Houston, Texas in September 2016. Pray that MWI districts would consider helping to sponsor one woman to attend and encourage support for ‘Tenners for Texas’ appeal.
  • Pray that Maureen Young, our Area Vice-President will be blessed and guided in all that she does and for Louise Wilson and Phyllis Watters as they prepare to take up office as WF Area President and Unit Correspondent.
  • President’s Project – The Wings of Hope Project in Kudaoya, Sri Lanka is at the second phase stage. Give thanks for the first stage completion and please pray that the money needed will be raised and the work prosper. Please continue to remember in your prayers the work of the Jamaica National Children’s Home.
  • Mission Boxes and Easter Offering – Give thanks for all that has been contributed through the Mission Boxes and the Easter Offering Envelopes. Pray that the God, who has given us so much, will help us generously share that abundance as we seek “to know Christ and make Him known” .
  • Methodist Women in Upper Myanmar – Contacts have been made with the Methodist Women in Upper Myanmar. Give thanks for the political changes in the country and pray for God’s guidance as the MWI officers discuss how we might best develop a partnership with the Methodist ladies in the country.