Policies & Procedures

The Policies and Procedures sub group of the board deals with matters related to selection, formation and personnel matters relating to Ordained Ministers, Probationers and Local Preachers.

For the Connexional year 2020-21 the group is made up of the following members:

Rev John Alderdice (Facilitator), Rev Robin Waugh, Rev Dr Janet Unsworth, Mrs Norma Gallagher, Rev Alan Lorimer, Rev Dr Heather Morris, Rev Alan Wardlow, Rev Alison Gallagher, Mr Stephen Alford, Rev Philip Agnew (DS rep). The other District Superintendents will be invited to attend if required.

The group is responsible for dealing with the following matters:

  1. Drafting and updating policies and procedures relating to the operations of authorized ministries in the Methodist Church in Ireland.
  2. Procedures relating to nomination and appointment of Local Preachers (in conjunction with the Connexional Local Preachers Committee).
  3. Ordained Ministry selection – Candidates and applications from those serving with other churches.
  4. Ordained Ministry Formation Progress
  5. Sabbaticals for Ordained Ministers
  6. Special Applications for Ordained Ministers serving in appointments beyond the stations of the Methodist Church in Ireland.

The work of the group is informed by the following Policies that were adopted at the 2020 Conference:

  • Candidating Procedure for Ordained Ministry 
  • Context Based Formation for Ordained Ministry 
  • Applications to serve with or transfer to the Ordained Ministry of the Methodist Church in Ireland 
  • Sabbaticals for Ordained Ministers Policy 
  • Ordained Ministers Special Applications Policy 
  • Resignation and Reinstatement of Ordained Ministers Policy  
  • Nomination and Appointment of Local Preachers  
  • Authorisations to Preside at Holy Communion Policy 
  • Ministry Development and Further Study Grants Policy


These policies are available here in the MCI Resources section of the Teams App on the Methodist Church Office 365 system. You will need to be logged into the office 365 system in order to view the documents.


Other relevant policies can be found mainly in the existing Chapters 5 and 6 of the Manual of Laws available in the resources section of this website.