About the Board


The Board of Minisry, Learning and Development was launched in the summer of 2019 resulting from a review of committees and boards with responsibility for ordained and lay ministry selection and formation. The new board, which continues to operate in pilot form, is responsible for the work of the Ordained Ministry Committee, the Lay Ministry Committee, the Governors of Edgehill Theological College, and various other committees and groups.  


The board's purpose is to support the mission and ministry of the Methodist Church in Ireland with particular focus on the following areas:

  1. Inspiring and promoting the ministry of the whole church
  2. Initial and ongoing theological education, training and development for the exercise of lay and ordained ministry and leadership
  3. Oversight of the processes relating to selection for ministry
  4. The promotion and delivery of theological education across the church


Any queries about the work of the board should be directed to our Operations Administrator, James McClure who can be contacted on bmldoffice@irishmethodist.org or on 028 9076 7969.

History of Edgehill Theological College

Edgehill Theological College was established by an Act of Parliament in 1928, having previously been the ministry training department of Methodist College. Since then it has remained the sole institution for ministerial training within the Methodist Church in Ireland. Over the years the College has had formal and informal links and collaborations with other academic institutions across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The College has a proven track record in ministerial formation, lay training and peace and reconciliation work. In the autumn of 2018 the other denominational departments of the Methodist Church in Ireland moved onto the Edgehill House site. This process has allowed for greater collaboration across the departments in supporting the mission of the church. The work of the College is now advanced through its incorporation into the Board of Ministry, Learning and Development. 

Key Personnel

Revd Dr Janet M Unsworth, MA, MDiv
Principal of Edgehill Theological College
Rev John Alderdice
Director of Ministry
Grace McGurk
Learning and Development Officer
James McClure
Operations Administrator
Lindsay McAlinden
Resource Officer