Methodist Year of Prayer

Now! What is the Spirit saying to the Churches?

God is calling us to pray. Calling us to heartfelt, humble, sincere, sacrificial prayer for renewal, for spiritual and numerical growth and for our churches to impact their communities.

The background to this Connexional Call to Prayer is the work which has been done across the Connexion as we respond to the challenges and opportunities around us. The secretary of Conference in June 2016 and at other times since he came to office has

highlighted the statistical evidence that our numbers are decreasing in many areas. There have been Connexional Committees and Working Parties addressing Ministerial and Lay Training, Connexional Structures and many other issues. We are also aware of the opportunities around us and as a people are deeply committed to Mission.

Members of the Connexional Structures Working party found themselves saying again and again that structural change is not the answer to the challenges we are facing and came to the point of realising that we could not just say that, we needed to do something about it. They then brought a proposal to Conference that we commit ourselves to prayer.

Throughout the history of the Methodist Church in Ireland, God has called us to significant times of prayer, we believe that this is another of those pivotal moments. We are undertaking this year of prayer that we might

  1. Hear what God is saying
  2. Pray for the Church, our local church and the community in which we are placed
  3. Commit ourselves to do what God asks.

God’s Spirit is creating a hunger for prayer. Part of our response is on a District level. There is much in this booklet about how to organise your local church’s part in the District’s month of prayer. But please do not let that be where your prayer ends. God has placed in the heart of the Connexion a Call to Prayer, not simply a Call to organise Church prayer rooms. God is calling us to pray.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if prayer rooms continued far beyond their allocated span, or your church said we can’t and won’t wait for our allocated month, let’s gather to pray now, to listen and discern what God is saying, to intercede for the church and our community and the world.

The invitation is to use this Call to Pray as an opportunity to reflect on the prayer life of your local congregation, and to obey if you find God calling you to a renewed life of prayer.

God’s Spirit is speaking to the Church. We are invited to listen, to discern what God is saying, to intercede and to obey.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land” 
2 Chronicles 7:14 

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