Local Preachers

Local Preachers are members of the church who have been accredited to lead worship and preach.

Anyone candidating for the Ordained Ministry in the Methodist Church in Ireland is normally required to have 'tested the water' by completing the prescribed training course and becoming a fully accredited Local Preacher. The qualification is also usually desirable for most lay pastoral jobs with congregations throughout Ireland. The Faith and Worship Course is now discontinued but those presently following the course should complete it.

A new training course called, Worship: Leading and Preaching is being piloted at Edgehill and further information about this course may be obtained from the Training and Development Officer at Edgehill.

Contact Us

For any queries relating to Local Preacher's training or assessment, contact:

Rev Mervyn Ewing
Tel: 028 9266 2303 or 07801069806
35 Mount Royal, Lisburn, Co Antrim BT27 5BF
Email: localpreachers@irishmethodist.org

All local preachers enquiries including those addressed to the Connexional Committee should be forwarded to localpreachers@irishmethodist.org.

Local Preacher Training

Members of the Methodist Church are encouraged to examine whether they have a call to preach.

Information for those completing the Faith & Worship Course:

Exegesis Passages 2016/17

(for all work received or submitted after October 1st 2016)

Section A:
Exegesis 1: Ezekiel 34:20-24
Exegesis 2: Matthew 7:21-23

Section B:
Exegesis 1: Hebrews 13:15-16
Exegesis 2: Judges 3:9-10

Section C:
Exegesis 1: 1 Kings 18:18-19
Exegesis 2: Colossions 1:17-18

Section D:
Exegesis 1: Isaiah 56:5b
Exegesis 2: John 3:17

John Wesley Sermons

Choose one of John Wesley’s sermons from this list below:    

Sermon 2 The Almost Christian
Sermon 5 Justification by Faith
Sermon 8 The First Fruits of the Spirit
Sermon 10 Witness of the Spirit
Sermon 12 Witness of our Spirit
Sermon 16 The Means of Grace 
Sermon 18 The Marks of the New Birth
Sermon 23 Sermon on the Mount – 3
Sermon 39 Catholic Spirit
Sermon 40 Christian Perfection 


Local Preachers Resources

What's So Amazing About Grace - Philip Yancy (Zondervan)
We speak of grace often. But do we understand it? More importantly, do we believe it … and do our lives proclaim it as powerfully as our words? In this bestselling book, Philip Yancy gives us a probing look at grace: what it looks like … what it doesn't look like … and why only Christians can and must reveal the grace the world is searching for.

Expository Preaching - Haddon W. Robinson (IVP)
This book is a tremendous resource for those wishing to preach expository Bible sermons. It provides a comprehensive guide to sermon preparation and delivery. Robinson presents a ten-stage process of sermon development, showing how to get from the text to the sermon, decide its purpose, shape and outline, and preach it so people will listen. It is backed up with helpful exercises and apposite illustrations. The book is exciting to read, sparkling with wit and wisdom, and full of practical help. 

Bridge-Building - Alister McGrath (IVP)
The Oxford dictionary says of Apologetics – ‘Reasoned arguments in justification of a theory or doctrine'. Christians engage in apologetics when they build bridges to faith. In this scholarly book, Alister McGrath sets out the arguments, but goes further and explains how all Christians concerned with preaching and evangelism can use these arguments to demonstrate and defend the truths of the Christian faith.  Sermons on Several Occasions - John Wesley (editor James Holway) (Moorley's)
A modern translation of John Wesley's 44 Sermons.

Christian Theology: An Introduction - Alister E. McGrath (Blackwell )
McGrath, in this book, introduces topics carefully and clearly and focuses on essentials to understanding this subject. He includes a history of theology in the church beginning with the early church and continuing to contemporary thought. 

 Historical Theology - Alister E. McGrath (Blackwell )
This book provides material that helps students understand the development of Christian theology from its beginnings. It explains its place within the study of Christian theology as a whole and outlines some of the best ways of studying it. There are numerous case studies illustrating the main theologians and theological events for each historical period. It provides full glossaries of key theologians, key theological developments, key names, words and phrases, together with an extensive bibliography. 


A Catechism for the Use of People Called Methodists
Methodist Worship Book

Hymns & Psalms
Singing the Faith