The Inspire Movement is an international network of Christians who are committed to developing mission-shaped discipleship in the leadership and life of the church. Our vision is to help people become everyday missionaries, who abide deeply with God and livemissionally in the world. In short, we seek a life of ‘mission spirituality’, that is filled, transformed and overflowing with the love of God and neighbour.

Inspire draws upon the wisdom of John Wesley who pioneered a world-changing movement of mission-shaped disciples, with the principles of longing for more of God, seeking him through spiritual disciplines, and helping one another through small group fellowship.

Inspire in Ireland:

At the 2013 Conference in Carrickfergus, God spoke to us as a church calling the Methodist people to embrace again individually and corporately the life of ‘whole hearted’ discipleship. The following year in 2014, the Conference endorsed a statement for our church entitled ‘God’s Mission, Our Mission’ which states: 
The concept of ‘whole-life discipleship’ is one where disciples engage in mission wherever they are every day – at the ‘frontlines’ of everyday life and the local worshipping and nurturing church fully supports and equips such discipleship shaped by and for comprehensive mission...

Inspire Fellowship Bands:

Inspire encourages people to invest in a small group of three or four people called a ‘fellowship band’ who meet on a regular basis. They ask of each other, “Where, and how, have you seen God at work in your everyday life since we last met?” and “How goes it with your soul?”   The goal of a band meeting is that we each develop a closer and more converstional walk with God in daily life, a Jesus-shaped and Spirit-filed, whole life and life-long discipleship...

Inspire Missional Learning Communities: 

During 2017 people have been challenged to go deeper in their discipleship through the formation of Missional Learning Communities across Ireland.  These Communities met once a month from January to June in Ballylooby (Co. Tipperary), Dublin, Belfast, Ballynahinch, Lurgan, and Enniskillen to explore what it means to live as a community of mission-shaped disciples. Many of them are continuing to meet and some have already multiplied...

Meet the Inspire Ireland Core Team: 

The Inspire Ireland Core Team has been established to maintain the momentum of what the Spirit is doing through Inspire in Ireland, and to facilitate the continuing growth of mission-shaped disciples. The Core Team is a group of Missioners who give oversight for the Movement in Ireland whilst continuing to work closely with Phil and Samantha Meadows, and networking with the Inspire Movement internationally. The Team is responsible for planning and facilitating Inspire training, as well as the formation and networking of fellowship bands and missional communities. They will also help to, encourage, train and resource Inspire Missioners in their work, supporting the Movement both regionally and nationally.

Inspire Ireland Core Team are:
Harold Agnew  (Director)
Ruth Mathews  (Chair)
Louise Donald
John Mbayo
Fergus O’Ferrall
Ruth Patterson
Heather Prentice
Heather Morris


How to get involved with Inspire?

  • Browse the Inspire website to gain an understanding of our vision for mission-shaped discipleship ( 

  • Invite an Inspire Missioner to do an introductory session, or other training, in your church. 

  • Contact the Inspire Core Team to be put in touch with an Inspire Missioner, or to talk with someone in your area who is already involved with Inspire.  Contact: Harold Agnew 

  • Join in an Inspire Training event