Governance Working Group

The Working Group on Governance Reform was set up in 2018 to examine the national-level governance structures of the Church. It examined the roles of Conference, General Committee, and the Secretary of Conference, as well as looking at our finance and support structures and our committee system.  In December 2020, General Committee, acting as Conference 2020, voted to accept the report and recommendations of the Working Group.  These recommendations will come before Conference 2021 for final approval and, if accepted, will result in changes to all of the areas mentioned above.  The full report of the working group together with some ancillary documents can be read at the links below.

In parallel with the above, work has been ongoing in preparing the Church for central registration as a single charity with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI).  A paper on this subject can also be read below.

EVENT: March Discussion Gatherings

We will be holding a discussion meeting for each District in March 2021 - Click here to find out more.