Governance Working Group - Zoom Meeting

For the past two years the Governance Working Group have been working on governance reform and examining the way in which our church governs itself.  A report on our findings, along with recommendations for change, has been prepared and will be voted on by General Committee, acting as Conference, in December. This report is now available for all to read here

Running alongside the above, and closely linked to it, work has been ongoing on the registration of the church with the charity authorities. A paper outlining the proposals in this area is also available here.

The proposals for change are far reaching and important and will, for instance, affect the way Conference and the General Committee operate in the future.  It is important therefore that all in our church have an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the proposals. 

With this in mind, a series of Zoom meetings are taking place and are open to all. The invitation is particularly aimed at those in positions of authority or influence at either national or local level. Ministers, Board members, members of Church Councils and Circuit Executives and lay Conference delegates. However, the invitation is extended to anyone who has an interest in the topic.

The Meetings

We encourage you to read the above reports before attending as this will allow you to get the most benefit from the meeting.

We look forward to having you join us!

Event Date: 
Thursday, 1 October, 2020 - 19:00
Hollyanne Boyce