Eastwell Residential Home

Eastwell Residential Home provides a caring, sheltered environment for elder women, of any denomination or none, whether widowed or single, maintaining their sense of independence, and providing what support they may need.

It was founded in 1766 in Whitefriar  Street, Dublin, by the Rev. John Wesley "for reduced widows and aged females".  It is one of the oldest charities in Dublin and was known as The Methodist Widows' Alms House and Aged Female Charity, commonly known as The Methodist Widows' Home.

For many years the Home was situated in Grantham Street, Dublin, but it is now at  "Eastwell", Palmerston Park, Dublin.

2008 saw a considerable upgrade in the Home’s repair and refurbishment. A new kitchen has been installed which has proved very useful, together with a new small chair lift and many other additional and repair items.

12 Palmerston Pk
Dublin 6