District Changes



God is at work in and through the Methodist Church in Ireland; we see that in the faithful witness of congregations in villages, towns, and cities across this island.

We see and hear of God at work as lives are transformed, and communities impacted through the work of Christians. We see God at work in congregations and individuals prayerfully wrestling with what it means to be faithful to God in their communities.

Over many years, as a Church family we have kept coming back to the question,

“Could we be organising ourselves better, particularly in a way that releases resources locally and which helps us respond to the opportunities and challenges we are facing?”

Part of our heritage is:

  • The willingness to respond to the needs of the time.
  • A recognition that structure matters for mission, Wesley developed structure which supported mission.

What is our mission as a church?

 'God's Mission, Our Mission'

"Our spiritual heritage encourages experimentation, diversity and flexibility supported by a methodical approach in analysing the missional context so that we can go where we are needed most". The change process in which are now engaged has come from the question 'how can we be effective for God's mission at this time?' and we are changing our structure so that more support is offered to local churches in their mission. 

Structural change is not the end to the story

The change will enable us to be more effective as we serve God together. We start with this vision of a structure which is there to support local churches in the work which God is calling them to do with rigour, strength and flexibility

Conference in June 2018 agreed a set of proposals by which:

(i) The eight current Districts will be joined into three geographically and numerically viable Districts;

(ii) A full-time separated District Superintendent is appointed for each District to provide oversight, leadership support and Connexional vision for
the mission and ministry of Societies, Circuits and ministers;

(iii) The current District administrative layer is re-defined to reflect contemporary practice and make it fit for purpose, and; 

(iv) A “Connexional Team” is created to enable more effective collaboration and efficient decision making across the Connexion.

As the new structures developed, we have asked each other hard and helpful questions as we sought to discern God’s way forward together. 

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