CSR Call to Action for Victims of Historical Institutional Abuse

The Methodist Church's Council on Social Responsibility in conjunction with the Rev. Billy Davison, President of the Church have issued the following Statement in the light of the continual failure to implement Sir Anthony Harts recommendations regarding the victims of Historical Institutional Abuse.

The Methodist Church in Ireland calls on Mrs Karen Bradley, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, to act as quickly as possible to bring in a compensation scheme for the victims of Historical Institutional Abuse. 

We recognise that the failure to implement the recommendations of Sir Anthony Hart is primarily a result of the abject failure of our local politicians at Stormont.  Nevertheless, we urge the Secretary of State not to use these victims as a ‘bargaining chip’ in trying to get progress in the talks about to take place. These victims deserve so much better.

We note the apparent willingness of the local party leaders and senior civil servants to facilitate the processes that the Secretary of State will have to implement in order to bring a bill through Westminster.   We urge her to do this as a matter of the utmost priority. 


Issued by: Rev. Roy Cooper (07710945104) Press Officer, Methodist Church in Ireland

Contact: Rv. Dr. David Clements (028 93362202)