Container Ministry

WMP's Container Ministry is situated beside Lurgan High Street Methodist Church, Lurgan. It has sent over 100 containers worldwide over the last 26 years, in support of Christian mission.

The ministry began after Rev. J Yedu Bannerman from Ghana, who had served for five years as a mission partner on the Lurgan Circuit, wished to have some materials sent back to Ghana on his return home. The project is made possible by the hard work of a small, but dedicated group of volunteers under the direction of Mr William Carson. To send one container can now cost more than £3,000. All support is much appreciated.

DownloadA prayer for the Container Ministry

Update and requests February 2017:

Click here to download a list of required items for a Container for Latvia (March 2017)

Update November 2016:

Download: Report from the Container Ministry 

April 2016:

Mission partner Jenny Featherstone visited in April 2016 whilst in Ireland during furlough. Jenny is the Principal of the Chodhort Training Centre in Choma, Zambia. Over the years, Chodort has recieved many resources from the Container Ministry. Jenny is pictured here with William Carson (L)  and Rev. David Nixon (R). David and his wife Rhoda previsouly served in Choma where David coordinated the work of the training centre. 

February 2016:

William and the wonderful team of volunteers filled two containers, one was sent to Zambia and one to Latvia. This photo was taken in February 2016- the warehouse is full of donations from everything from tools, to computers to children's toys.

Contacting the warehouse:

Tel: 0044 28 38342422

Monday 11.00 - 4.30, Wednesday 11.00 - 4.30, Friday 11.00 - 1.00
* Always contact the warehouse before bringing items