Container Ministry

WMP's Container Ministry is situated beside Lurgan High Street Methodist Church, Lurgan. It has sent over 100 containers worldwide over the last 26 years, in support of Christian mission.

The ministry began after Rev. J Yedu Bannerman from Ghana, who had served for five years as a mission partner on the Lurgan Circuit, wished to have some materials sent back to Ghana on his return home. The project is made possible by the hard work of a small, but dedicated, group of volunteers under the direction of Mr William Carson. To send one container can now cost more than £3,000. All support is much appreciated.

DownloadA prayer for the Container Ministry

Autumn/Harvest Appeal 2018

Click HERE to download the list of items needed for the Autumn appeal. The containers will be sent to Zimbabwe, Togo and Romania.

Contact William for more information.

Pallets sent in Summer 2018

Pallets are proving much more economical and efficient to send. Since May 2018, the following have been shipped:

  • Pallets to Malawi including hospital and computer equipment
  • Pallets to Romania
  • Pallets to Zambia including hospital equipment
  • Pallets to The Gambia
  • Pallets to Sierra Leone including books donated by Edgehill Theological College


November/December 2017 Containers 

  • November:  Shipment containing food and clothing sent to Romania
  • December: 20ft container was shipped to Nigeria, containing medical and educational supplies & requested Christian literature.
  • December:  A shipment of forty computers and several laser printers are being prepared for Zambia
  • December : 8 refurbished laptops were dispatched to Uganda in support of the ongoing Cliff College theological correspondence course.

Containers set for Nigeria & Jamaica 

Rev. Ken Todd recently visited the Containter Ministry warehouse in Lurgan and shared these photos of the containers being filled. Ken said, "There is room in the Cliff College Nigeria container to include requested hospital equipment for the new Methodist hospital at Uzakoli (former Leper colony). All go! Exciting! God is good." 

News from a recent Container shipment 

"Greetings from the Horn of Africa!  
On behalf of ourselves, our friends working in the country, and our many wonderful friends here we wanted to send a massive THANK YOU!  
The response to our hastily put together appeal for funds and materials was beyond what we had hoped and was a massive relief at a time of unprecedented struggle for many people.  
Thanks to the Container Ministry in Lurgan, a large amount of food, water, water filtration systems, and non-food items reached this country in super quick time. I am sure that it was no coincidence that the exact week the container arrived was the same week of an outbreak of Acute Water Diarrhea / Cholera in B* city, the final destination of the container. Immediately, there was water and clean water systems provided.  

At least 5 separate distributions were carried out to hundreds of families in the area with the food and items supplied as well as large amounts of food and medical supplies bought locally with the significant funds raised. All the money collected went directly to the purchase of food and other items.  

This has been a time of great hardship in the country, the region, and beyond. Things continue to be difficult and the cycle of droughts seem to be more and more regular (one sad indicator of man-made climate change!). Yet, in the midst of this we did see such a generous response.  

So, I relay this thanks to you for your prayers and support. I wish you could meet our wonderful friends for them to pass this directly to you.  
No matter the colour, culture or belief of the receiver, we believe the words of Jesus are so relevant in this instance, "Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."  
Thank you so much, 
D* and S* McM* "

Update and requests September 2017:
Click here to download a copy of the Harvest List. There are a range of items needed, including toiletires, dressmaking materials and children's clothes.

Update November 2016:

Download: Report from the Container Ministry 

Contacting the warehouse:

Tel: 0044 28 38342422

Monday 11.00 - 4.30, Wednesday 11.00 - 4.30, Friday 11.00 - 1.00
* Always contact the warehouse before bringing items