Connexional Team



Conference in June 2018 agreed a set of proposals, the fourth being; 

 A “Connexional Team” is created to enable more effective collaboration and efficient decision making across the Connexion.

Who is on the Connexional Team and what is their role?

The make-up and duties of the Connexional Team are set out in Appendix B of the leaflet linked below, however, in summary, the purpose of the Connexional Team is to serve the Methodist Church in Ireland by enabling, coordinating and implementing the Churches’ vision for mission and discipleship. The Connexional Team will pursue this purpose by supporting the DSs in their work in order to ensure that MCI moves ahead on an all- Ireland basis in a coordinated and unified manner. The Connexional Team will meet on a monthly basis from July 2019 onwards.

The members of the Connexional Team are as follows:

• The President of the Conference

• The Lay Leader of the Conference

• The Secretary of the Conference

• The Ex-President of the Conference

• The President-Designate of the Conference

• The immediate past Lay Leader or Lay Leader-designate

• The District Superintendents

• The Director of Ministry

• The General Secretary of the Home Mission Department, when in a full- time separated appointment

• The General Secretary of the Irish Methodist Youth and Children’s Department

• The Chair of the Connexional Finance Committee

• The Chair of the Church Development Board

• The Secretary of the Conference shall act as Secretary and Convener of the Connexional Team.

To find out more on the Connexional Team responsibilities head to page 14 of this booklet