Mission Commitments

Warm Hearts, Tough Hands, Wet Feet

We will be warm-hearted, rejoicing and confident in the Gospel. To enable this,
we will:

1. Commit to Prayer
2. Expect that at least five hundred children, young people and adults around the Connexion will bear witness that their faith came alive this year

We will develop tough hands as we help each other to be more like Jesus. To enable this, we will:

3. Ensure at least 50% of each of our gathered communities are committed to intentional discipleship; growing together and being sent out as followers of Jesus in everyday life
4. Gather for dynamic, creative, participatory and spirit-filled worship preparing us for mission and endearing God to others
5. Live as if we want young people and children to be part of the church family, even if that means making hard choices

We will get our feet wet as we step out into our world. To enable this we will:

6. Start or renew ten communities of faith in Ireland
7. Obey God’s call to get to know and love our communities - both local and global
8. Be communities of learning and training: telling the stories and learning from what God is doing here and around the world

We are Committed To Mission​

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