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Home Mission Circuit Schedule: January 19 2018

HM1 Application for a Grant Towards Ordinary Income

Online Form

Home Missions HM1 Grant towards ordinary income

HM2 Application for Grant for a New Mission Ireland Project


HM3 Application for Grant for an Existing Mission Ireland Project


HM4 Application for Permission to Expend on a Manse

HM5 Application for Permission in Principle to build or Purchase a Manse

HM6 Application for Grants "Extraordinary"








Application for Grant

Application for Loan

Application for permission to sell or let (PBSL1)

Application for Permission to erect, repair, etc.

Transfer Property to Statutory Trustees

Appointment of Local Trustees.doc

Purchase of Property for Church use

Permission to Explore Possibility of Selling

Form D

Manse Regulations Booklet
Manse regulations



Basic Accommodation Requirements


Manse cleaning checklist


Manse Checklist for Synod Handover Groups Manse Checklist for Synod Handover Groups


Circuit Representatives to Synod
(to be sent to Synod Secretary after December Circuit Executive)

Circuit Representatives to Synod

Synod Representatives to Conference
(to be sent to Synod Secretary after September Circuit Executive)

Synod Representatives to Conference

Gift Aid

Gift Aid Guidance Notes - Revised May 2017 Gift Aid Guidance Notes

Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) - Revised May 2017



New style Gift Aid Form - Revised December 2015

Gift Aid Guidance Notes


New style Gift Aid form




Gift Aid Sponsorship Form - Revised January 2017 Gift aid Sponsorship Form


Bureau of Membership
(to be sent to Secretary of the Bureau of Membership by end of each quarter)

Bureau of Membership


Statistical Summary (G)
(to be sent to Synod Secretary by 15th March)
Statistical Summary (G)



Circuit Stewards
(to be sent to Secretary of Conference after December Circuit Executive)