Church Development Board


The purpose of the Church Development Board is to explore and support opportunities for outreach and service, by enabling, facilitating and encouraging Societies to fulfill their calling in the community. This includes entirely new schemes where no Church buildings already exist, innovative schemes offering opportunity for outreach within existing congregations and schemes that can serve to revitalize and focus an existing congregation.

The Board will respond to suggestions from Church Councils, Circuits and Departments regarding the Development of new projects so it is always helpful to be in consultation at an early stage as possible.  Applications for Church Development Status must have the approval of the Circuit Executive and the District Home Mission Committee.  The Board may also take the initiative and be proactive in identifying areas of opportunity throughout Ireland, particularly in relation to Pioneer Ministry.

Applying for Church Development Status

Apply for Church Development Status, if, for example:

  1. A new Society is formed and requires plant
  2. A Pioneer Ministry is being established
  3. Significant growth renders existing facilities completely inadequate
  4. A Society has a vision for mission, which requires either transferring to a new site or very major redevlopment of its existing site
  5. A 'Fresh Expression' of Church is being considered

However, if your vision for mission involving a new initiative does not fit into any of these categories, the Board will also be very happy to explore it with you.

Where Church Development Status is granted for an agreed project, financial help if required may be applied for from the Church Development Fund in respect of property or the Home Mission Fund in respect of personnel.

Your application is made by submitting a development plan, which must include:

  1. A full description of the work envisaged
  2. The vision and mission goals in repect of the work
  3. The requirements in terms of personnel to achieve these goals
  4. The requirements in terms of plant for the work to be done
  5. Date of when the work commences
  6. Outline of the financial plan in relation to this work
  7. How long it is envisaged to take to be self financing or fully financed by the Society or Circuit.

In considering the application, the Board will invite representatives of the Society or Circuit to make the presentation concerning the project to a meeting of the Board or Executive or to meet with Representatives of the Board if there are matters which require further clarification.

A clear timescale will be set by the Board once Church Development Status has been granted. At the end of the period, the status will cease. Progress will be monitored and reviewed regularly.

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