Become A Local Preacher

Becoming a Local Preacher

Local Preachers are people who lead worship and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. They are men and women from all walks of life who have heard a call to preach and lead worship and responds to that call. As disciples of Jesus Christ they set an example of a consistent Christian lifestyle through growing in their Christian life and faith by developing their own walk with God and are committed to life-long learning/training.

From the earliest days of the Methodist movement Local Preachers have played an intrinsic role in the life and witness of the Methodist Church In Ireland. MCI recognises that God calls people other than ordained ministers to lead worship and to preach. Hence local preachers are responsible for leading many Methodist services week by week. There is no greater privilege than to lead the people of God in worship and to preach the Word of God.  

MCI therefore places great emphasis on properly discerning the call of a potential local preacher, and on thorough training and preparation for this key role in the life and mission of the Church.

MCI wishes to affirm that preaching in the context of Christian worship is a serious undertaking. Therefore, when the Church authorises someone to undertake this ministry it does so on the basis of evidence that the person concerned has the call, competence and character to serve God’s people in this way.

It is important to emphasise that becoming a ‘Fully Accredited’ Local Preacher will always involve more than just taking a course. Relevant practical experience, and reflection on that practice, represents an integral part of the process. It is therefore expected that each Local Preacher in training will both be offered and avail herself/himself of every opportunity to lead worship, preach and otherwise engage with related areas of work and witness within her/his local church.


Are you interested?

If you are interested in exploring what is involved in becoming a local preacher, or already feel a call to preach God's word and want to discern this calling further, speak to your minister or alternatively contact the Secretaries on 


Training as a Local Preacher

The process of formation and training for a local preacher is a comprehensive one that takes place under the supervision of the Circuit Preachers' Meeting or where this meeting doesn’t exist by the Circuit Executive.  The development of skills and understanding through regular participation in leading worship is supplemented by a course of study. This Course blends online self-guided study with group work and is assessed through assignments and building the designated portfolio. 


For more information on the course of study, click here 

The whole process of discernment, formation and training click here


The Expectations on a Local Preacher

Since the Review of Local Preachers 2014 Conference has sought to ensure that the office of Local Preacher is both valued and recognised. The following documents are designed to assist potential Local Preachers in their preparations for this office.


Expectations for applicants to become a Local Preacher in Training Click here

Expectations for Fully Accredited Local Preachers Click here

Local Preachers Application Form Click here

Local Preacher in Training CE Questions Click here

Local Preacher Accreditation CE Questions Click here

These provide helpful guides for the Local Preachers' Meeting/Circuit Executive as they seek to discern the call of a Local Preacher and make decisions at critical points during the training process.