Rev Brian Anderson President of Methodist Church in Ireland

The Rev. Brian Anderson has issued the following statement in the light of the planned protest against refugees by a 'Protestant Coalition':

Father Gerry Reynolds

On hearing of the death of Fr. Gerry Reynolds, the President of the the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Rev. Brian Anderson issued the following statement:

In 2015 for the first time in human history, the level of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is set to rise above 400ppm. Also for the first time, global temperatures have risen above 1 degree Celsius  above pre industrial levels. A rise of 2C is considered the most the earth could tolerate without catastrophic changes to food production, sea level, fishing, wildlife, deserts and water levels.  Such a rise could literally wipe out the lives of people living on some Pacific Islands.

The Giving Tree, a cross-community initiative run by BCM and the SVP

The Giving Tree starts on 30 November to 12 December at Marks and Spencer, Donegall Place, Belfast.

This will be the sixteenth year that the Belfast Central Mission (BCM) partners with the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) to allow shoppers to donate a toy or gift to a local child. Why don't you stop by and say hi to the volunteers when you're doing your Christmas shopping.

The residents and staff of Margaretholme and Ailt  Óir  independent living facilities for older people in Dublin were delighted to welcome the Rev Brian Anderson President of the Methodist Church in Ireland  to their anniversary celebrations.

At Margaretholme in Sandymount Village they  celebrated 50 years of sheltered housing and at Ailt an Óir it was an opportunity for them to give thanks for  their 25 years in Glenageary.

Irish Methodist President Condemns Paris Attacks
The Rev. Brian Anderson, President of the Methodist Church has issued the following Statement in the light of the Paris attacks:
"What transpired last Friday night in Paris is to be condemned outright by all right thinking people.  No ideology can be used to justify the carnage
inflicted on those people. 
Political accommodation and agreement welcomed by Church leaders

With the conclusion of the political negotiations and the publication of The Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan entitled ‘A Fresh Start’, involving political parties in Northern Ireland and the governments of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, in a joint statement Church leaders have welcomed the fact that an accommodation has been reached.

Belfast Central Mission Christmas Programme

Belfast Central Mission (BCM)  are gearing up for this year's Christmas Programme.

Last week, together with the Department for Social Development and The Society of St Vincent de Paul they launched their  Giving Tree.

They have also started collecting presents for children and food parcels for families and older people. Most of these items are donated by individuals, schools, churches and staff in local businesses. 

President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Rev Brian Anderson

The President of the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Rev Brian Anderson has issued the following Statement on the 50th Birthday of Corrymeela:

Wesley Hospital Kalay Myanmar

For the past 18 months the Methodist Missionary Society (Ireland) MMS(I) has been exploring the possibility of the Methodist Church in Ireland (MCI) partnering with the Methodist Church of Upper Myanmar (MCUM). This has involved dialogue and much thinking on how a mutually beneficial relationship can be shaped.  How can both the MCUM and the MMCI learn and grow as a result?

The developing partnership between both churches is very much about sharing resources with each other in order to further God’s Kingdom. The resources may be experience, skills, funds or worship.