January 2014 Prayer Event

A People Invited to Follow - resources from Methodist Church in Ireland Conference 2013

Here you will find information about and resources for the Prayer Event in January 2014:

Video of Rev. Dr. Heather Morris' introduction to the January Covenant material

Suggested Resources for Use in Worship throughout the Methodist Church in Ireland January 2014

A People Invited to Follow Update

Night and Day 2014 - service theme suggestions for three Sundays (12th, 19th, 26th January 2014)

Recently a strong challenge has come from Joshua 24, where at the end of his life Joshua has called on the people to renew their Covenant by choosing clearly “this day whom you will serve”.   The old gods are to be left behind and obedient faith to the Lord is to dictate life in their new land.

For this reason the group which planned Conference 2013, led by the President is asking that the theme of “Covenant and Choosing” will be followed by all churches throughout the whole month of January. You are invited to have Covenant services as normal on the first Sunday in January and then to continue to explore the theme on the following Sundays with a “Night and Day” event on 25/26th January.

To encourage ministers and churches across the Connexion to examine our common Covenant with God, resources have been prepared to enable your congregations to:

  1. follow the theme “Christ is the centre of the adventure” on Sundays 12th 19th and 26th January.  The January Service Resources document contains titles, prayers, readings and reflections which have been specially prepared for the three Sundays – or other dates if desired.
  2. each Church’s leaders are asked to seriously consider fasting from one meal (or abstaining from something else) between 6.00 p.m. on Thursdays and 6.00 p.m. on Fridays in January.  This scriptural and later Wesleyan practice, of consciously denying self in order to pray, is a divine discipline which God can use to sharpen our hunger for God and God’s ways.
  3. arrange the Night and Day Event (preferably on 25th and 26th January). This is based on what we have been speaking of as the real DNA of the people called Methodist. One of the prayer pods challenges us to acknowledge the “elephants in the room”.  Many churches have permanent Prayer Rooms, and perhaps the pods could be left in place for a further period to enable ongoing reflection.  

Shortly after Christmas there will be another resource available in the shape of a road map. This is designed to help those churches who want guidelines to prepare for the Conference 2014 sessions on presenting their reasons for existence (2012 Minutes page 45.f) you may find it helpful.