Irish Methodist Youth & Children's Department

Autumn Soul 2013

Soul Mates Seminar & Workshop Info


Word & Speech

How do we tell somebody we think they’re cool without sounding like a cheesy game-show host? Or how do make sure that what we say makes a positive impact on people, rather than making them feel rubbish? And should we even bother watching what we say? !

This session will give us some ideas and pointers.


How do we set an example for others by the way we behave? Soul Mates Weekend is one thing, but what about when we’re at school? Or at home? Or church? With our friends? What about when we’re on-line? Come along, think along and explore along.


Have you heard any stories about other people’s incredible faith in other countries? Or what about stories from home? Ruth will be talking about her experiences and about the things we can do with or without a passport.


Prayer, bible reading, worship, giving. These are a few of my favourite things. These words can be big and scary, so David & Gemma will be giving practical tips on all of these topics, which might make them seem a little less scary.


What? Seriously? Purity? What on earth is it and what does it mean to me? This session is going to introduce you to the subject and give you some pointers on how it can affect you and other people.


How do people see God’s love in our lives? What would happen if we started doing things so unexpected and so outrageous that people couldn’t help but see God through us. Come, listen, question, think and prepare to be challenged.


Questions, questions, questions. Answers, answers, answer. Then more questions, more answers. Some thinking. Some praying. Simples.



What? Okay, so it’s a hodge-podge of three sports, Captain Ball (all will be revealed), dodge ball (if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a dodgeball) and sock hockey (don’t ask). You’ll need a change of clothes, because you’ll get quite sweaty. Also, we’ll provide the socks for sock hockey.

Cage football

Like cage-fighting, without the fighting. Or the cage. No wait. With the cage, although it will be strictly limited to football. It’s a small space, so practice your step-overs, nutmegs and Gareth Bale haircuts.


After the run-away success of the great Soul Mates Bake-off, we’re back to tantalise your taste-buds, get your creative juices flowing and bring out your inner Mary Berry.

Big Art

Not the tall one from Simon & Garfunkel, but rather a chance to let your artistic side shine. Stephen will arrive with a bucket-load of art supplies. You just supply the imagination.


Okay, so it’s either painting things or making things. But you’re just going to have to come along and find out. Bring a change of clothes and prepare to get hands-on.


After last year’s success, the Gaelic boys are back with a bag load of tricks and flicks. Come, learn the basics and have a little play. Previous experience is not necessary, but a change of clothes is.


Chris and Ross are re-united in the greatest reunion since The Beatles. They have managed to re-arrange their Wrong-Direction World Tour to be here in Lurgan to host the greatest quiz the world has ever seen. Come in a group or come by yourself and go into a group, either way you’ll have the single greatest experience of your life. (no pressure then!)


Making its final appearance at Soul Mates, Challenj is the team game that leaves you guessing, messing and stressing. Bring a change of clothes and a box of frogs if you happen to have them spare. (please note, the box of frogs comment was a joke. Please do not bring a box of frogs)


Once again, the marvellous Laura is back with her ever-popular workshop. Come with your camera, listen to some of Laura’s tips, then go hunting for the perfect picture (spear not required). The best ones will appear on a projector screen near you soon.